Трек Love Message United Maxi Mix - музыкант All stars, Fun factory, Scooter, E-Rotic, Masterboy, Eurodance 90-е


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Продолжительность: 05:51
Муз. исполнитель: All stars, Fun factory, Scooter, E-Rotic, Masterboy, Eurodance 90-е
Мелодия: Love Message (United Maxi Mix)
Добавлено: 2015-08-01
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Текст к песне

All together:
We are sending out
A love message to the world
A love message to the world
Can you hear the message of love
Love message - can you feel it
Love message - can you see it
Love message - can you hear
The message of love

Save your life!

Rap Fun Factory:
Listen up 'cos it's about time
Love and sex is
Still no crime
A big disease
With a little name
Is serious and it's no game
Everybody needs information
Here - there - in every nation
Go out, have fun but live and learn
Protect yourself that's our concern

Rap Masterboy:
Protection can save our life
So free your mind, enjoy the drive
Keep control, don't drive too fast
Save your soul and make it last
HIV is my worry
You rather be save than sorry
Awareness of what's going on
Do the right thing, get it on

Rap E-Rotic:
Love and sex is all around
Don't forget it, if you
Found someone for satisfaction
Do think first and use protection
Sex is fun but don't be silly
Just make sure you wear a Billy Boy
Don't burn your hands
Trust my word 'cos we are friends

Rap Mr. President:
Friends are friends and what we are for
Is to keep everybody coming back for more
Love - without taking a chance
Don't risk your life
It's in your hands
Everybody should take a stand
Spread the word over the land
From down under, from above
Hear the message of love

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